Color Mind

Color Mind

The purpose of Colour Mind is to help those going through memory loss remember colours in life. It is an Amazon Alexa skill dedicated to those living with dementia in the hopes that it will provide an entertaining way to engage with their carers, family members, and others.

Carers can use the skill to help patients associate things from nature with the correct colour names also allowing them to engage in an informal conversation. The skill tests the patient’s abilities and the current state of their memory by challenging them in remembering what colour something is.

The game provides mental stimulation to help dementia patients stay active while working out their minds. It is a game for people living with dementia to improve their mental capacity through a series of short and straightforward questions accompanied by images shown through the Alexa app. In the case that a user asks for a specific colour, Alexa responds with a card that associates the colour with something in nature, giving more details about the question asked.

To begin just say “Alexa, open Color Mind”